QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2021

This weekend March 13-14, 2021 the ARRL is sponsoring the online Virtual Ham Expo. Participants can log on and watch live presentations on many Amateur Radio topics. You can ask questions online and choose from a wide list of topics to attend. Here is the information you need to sign up.

The next QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo is approaching fast, taking place on March 13-14, 2021. This Expo features many new speakers, kit-building workshops, panel discussions, booth prizes, and much more. Early Bird discount tickets are available for a limited time and include entry for the Live 2-day period plus the 30-day on-demand period. Register at qsotodayhamexpo.com

At the Expo, there’s something for everyone:

  • Learn from a packed lineup of 80+ renowned ham radio speakers.  Use the new calendar features to download times directly to your calendar. See the full lineup at qsotodayhamexpo.com/speakers.
  • Take part in a Live Buildathon of kit-building workshops. Purchase kits now and have them delivered prior to the Expo so you can build from the convenience of your home. Learn more and order kits at qsotodayhamexpo.com/build-a-thons.
  • Walk through the virtual exhibit hall filled with popular amateur radio suppliers. Watch live product demos of the latest equipment. New video technology will be used to provide a better experience for attendees to engage with exhibitors.
  • Visit the “Ask the ARRL Lab” and ARRL booths. ARRL Lab engineers will be available to answer questions and share tips about a project you’re working on or suggestions to overcome a problem with a station installation, antenna, or a piece of gear.
  • ARRL CEO David Minster, NA2AA, will keynote at 2000 UTC (3 PM EST) on March 13.
  • Take advantage of the very cool virtual lounges, which allow you to meet up with fellow hams using the latest video technology.

A number of exhibitors will be doing drawings for some great prizes – including some exciting high-end items! You can participate from the convenience of your home without spending a dime on travel! So if you’ve never been to an in-person hamfest, you can participate in the Expo and get the same benefits. The platform simulates a full convention experience. 

Come and join thousands of ham radio operators – go to qsotodayhamexpo.com now to learn more and get registered!

We look forward to having you join us at Expo for an amazing and engaging experience.

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