LHARG Monthly News – April 2021

We are happy to announce the Group’s Repeater is back on the air. Thank you John, NQ6Q and L.C., N7VQC for your hard work. Special thanks to the Western Placer Amateur Radio Club for allowing us to use their Repeater during the down time. We continue to test and research to find the best antenna and location for the Repeater, stay tuned (no pun intended). Some of the Members spent time watching the ARRL Ham Virtual Expo on their computers. Presentations were given covering an incredible wide range of topics. Sun Cycles, Propagation, How to Solder, 3D Printing, and about 80 other topics were available for the user to select from. The Worldwide SSB Contest was held and contacts were made to the East Coast and North to Canada. We continue to Zoom our pre-Net meetings every Monday night at 6:30 PM. If you are looking for a way to engage in the community and have an interest in amateur radio, please check out the LHARG. Our club conducts a weekly radio network at 7:00 PM every Monday on the W6LHR Repeater at 443.2250 MHz, 167.9 PL. For more LHARG information visit our Website, the URL is: lharg.us or email dlehrer72@gmail.com

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