LHARG Monthly News – June, 2021

Club meetings near the Sports Pavilion are a mixture of technical talk and nature inspiring views, a great combination. The Repeater is performing well thanks to John, NQ6Q and L.C, N7VQC. We are continuing our discussions with Management to find the best home for it. In the event of an emergency, it is critical that communications within our Community is far reaching, clear and consistent. Thanks to intense testing and experimentation, ideal locations have been identified. Congratulations to Dan, KN6DRN for earning his 17m Digital Worked All States award. Field Day preparations were underway at the time of this writing and we will report on the results next month. If you are looking for a way to engage in the community and have an interest in Amateur Radio, please check out the LHARG. Our club conducts a weekly radio network at 7:00 PM every Monday on the W6LHR Repeater at 443.2250 MHz, 167.9 PL. For more LHARG information visit our Website, the URL is: lharg.us or email dlehrer72@gmail.com

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