LHARG Monthly News – August, 2021

August meetings were hot but fun as we continued to discuss our latest Ham radio experiences. Several members have made digital contacts known as DX contacts as far away as Australia, Fiji, Poland and Romania. Dan, KN6DRN has enrolled in Parks On The Air (POTA). The main idea behind this is to take your radio and go out to State or Federal Parks and make as many contacts as possible. If an operator makes 10 successful contacts (QSO’s) then that Park is “activated.” It’s a great way to combine Nature and technology. Dan was able to activate Auburn State Recreation Area and enjoy Lake Clementine with his wife, Anita. If you are looking for a way to engage in the community and have an interest in Amateur Radio, please check out the LHARG. Our club conducts a weekly radio network at 7:00 PM every Monday on the W6LHR Repeater at 147.030 MHz, 167.9 PL.

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