LHARG Monthly News – December, 2021

We are pleased that the Board approved our request for a new Repeater. The support from the Properties & Finance Committees is greatly appreciated. Better coverage and a more reliable and modern Repeater will better serve the Community. As always, thanks to John, NQ6Q and LC, N7VQC for all their research and expertise. The equipment, owned by the Association, will be maintained by the Club. The month of January brings with it the North America QSO Party. Hams will be trying to make as many contacts as possible, on January 22nd from 10:00 AM (1800 UTC) until 10:00PM (0600 UTC). The following weekend of January 29th thru the 30th is the Annual Winter Field Day event. Starting Saturday at 11:00 AM (1900 UTC) ending Sunday, at 11:00AM (1900 UTC). Points are awarded for number of contacts as well as bonus points for portable power and setting up away from home base stations. The Group has a goal of making more contacts than last year. If you are looking for a way to engage in the community and have an interest in Amateur Radio, please check out the LHARG. Our club conducts a weekly radio network at 7:00 PM every Monday on the W6LHR Repeater at 147.030 MHz, 167.9 PL. For more LHARG information visit our Website, the URL is: lharg.us or email dlehrer72@gmail.com

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