LHARG Monthly News – February, 2022

The Group participated in two events recently. Winter Field Day and the North America QSO Party. The NA QSO Party yielded 54 separate contacts including 35 States and 1 Canadian Province. Winter Field Day was exciting (and cold) as we took to the great outdoors and made 26 QSO’s and earned 1,104 points. Eight States and two Canadian Provinces were successfully contacted. Bonus points were earned by utilizing battery power and setting up away from our homes. All these events help us fine tune our equipment and prepare us for emergency operations. The fun part also helps our spirits. Meetings are held at the South Tower every Monday night at 6:30 PM. Our club conducts a weekly radio network at 7:00 PM every Monday on the W6LHR Repeater at 147.030 MHz, 167.9 PL. If you are looking for a way to engage in the community and have an interest in Amateur Radio, please check out the LHARG. For more LHARG information visit our Website, the URL is: lharg.us or email dlehrer72@gmail.com

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