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2017 ARRL Field Day

The ARRL Field Day was held June 24th and 25th in 2017.

Field Day 2016

Claire and Jim Field Day 2016

Jim  and Claire at the LHARG Station 

On Saturday 25-26 June members of the Lincoln Hills Amateur Radio Group participated with the Western Placer County Amateur Radio Club in the Annual American Radio Relay League Annual Field Day. Members Jim Darby and Claire Schloenvogt set up a station to monitor 15 Meter and 20 Meter bands. Russ Steele helped set the team set up there multi-band antenna and a new portable antenna that Jim brought to the event. The 15 Meter band was a big disappointment with very limited contacts. They had more success on 20 Meters than the quiet 15 Meter Band. However, they could hear more stations on 20 Meters than they were able to contact.

The Western Placer County Amateur Radio Club goal was to reach all 50 states during the 24 hour period from 11 PM Saturday to 11 PM Sunday. Club members worked four stations all through the night to see if they could reach that goal. According to team members, the best contact times are when the sun is setting, and the sun is rising. We will cover their success in a future report.

The purpose of Field Day is to demonstrate the ability to operate stations off the power grid using generators, battery, or solar power during an emergency.

Drone Field Day 2016

Drone taking photos of Field Day Site


LHARG Antennas and view from Field Day Site