LHARG Field Day Participation

The Amateur Radio Relay League Field Day was held on June 24 and 25. These annual exercises take place each year on the last weekend of June to sharpen amateur radio emergency communications skills while operating in a remote location on backup power. As in past years, the Lincoln Hills Amateur Radio Group members joined with members of the Western Placer County Radio Club to operate a remote station high up the foothills overlooking Lincoln and the Sacramento Valley. Here is a quick shot of the view from the bluff overlooking the valley below:

Fieldday View

The goal this year was to contact at least one Field Day site in every state in the nation by high-frequency radio, or by amateur radio satellites, over a 24 hour period. We will have an update report once the analysis is complete.

When I visited the field day location on Sunday morning, Clare Schloenvogt our VP and Western Placer County Club VP Art Galindo were busy making contacts on 40 Meters. They both stopped for few moments for some photos.


Field Day2017

Not all members of LHARG have a General or Extra Class license allowing them to operate on all the Field Day designated frequencies. However, under the supervision of an Extra Class, Technician Class License holders can grab the mike and try their hand at making contacts on HF. Last year Jim Darby, LHARG President, let me try my communications skills on 20 Meters, with little success as the band was dead. It will remain dead until the sunspots return in 11 years. I still learned how to work the band.

While we on-site, Kevin Amey showed me some of the latest digital equipment that is moving Amateur Radio into the digital world. He is going to give a presentation on D-Star and other digital modes at the next WPCRC meeting on the 18th of July.