The Lincoln Hills Amateur Radio Group is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts who operate the W6LHR repeater for Lincoln Hills residents with an amateur radio license. The Group meets at the South Tower on the corner of East Joiner and Del Webb Blvd at 6:30 PM and conducts a network at 7 PM every Monday evening on the W6LHR Repeater at 147.030 MHz.

Members include:

Richard Ames – KI6NOX (Vice President)

Dan Blake – K6KU

Richard Bronson – KM6MXY

Michael Buck – K6BUK

Michael Carlson – KM6YOQ

Sal Caruso – W6SAL

Jim Darby – K6GYM

Herman Frisch – KD6BQH

Jerry Gerald – KG6OQE

John Griffin – NQ6Q (Repeater Trustee)

Gerry Hamer – KF6TTH

Doug Hey – KD6PGQ

L.C. Jordon – N7VQC

Bill Kress – K3BZV

Dan Lehrer – KN6DRN (President & Correspondent)

Glen Salmon – KI6NOY

Claire  Schoenvogt – KI6VWG

Warren Schor – KD3GA

Jay Southard – KN6LPV

Rick Smeaton – WR6C

Douglas Thom – N6OYU

Jerry Thompson – KK6GBL

Walt Woodward – KK6HBO