The Lincoln Hills Amateur Radio Group is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts who operate the W6LHR repeater for Lincoln Hills residents with an amateur radio license. The Group conducts a weekly network at 7 PM every Monday evening on the W6LHR Repeater at 443.2250 MHz.

Members include:

Richard Ames – KI6NOX

Charles Bolden  – KE6YSO

Richard Bronson – KM6MXY

Sal Carus – W6SAL

Mike Chinnock – KK6ATN

Jim Darby – K6GYM  (President)

Herman Frisch – KD6BQH

Stuart Gallant – K3RZB

Ron Green – KG6RLG

John Griffin – NQ6Q

Gerry Hamer – KF6TTH

Don Moxon – KJ6EV

L.C. Jordan – N7VQC

Claire  Schoenvogt – KI6VWG  (Vice President)

Russ Steele – KF6TAR (Web Editor)

Warren Schor – KD3GA

Douglas Thom – N6OYU (Repeater Trustee)

Jerry Thompson-KK6GBL

Walt Woodward – KK6HBO

Glen Wilford – KI6NOY

James (Sonny) Worman – KJ6VBK