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First Field Day Huge Success

D. lharg sign

According to all the participant, our first annual field day was a huge success. Here are some photos:

A. Gary Setting Up Station

Gary setting up his station

B. John at Digital Station

John at digital station waits for the starting bell.

C. Stuart at Station

Stewart making a QSO

The log file submitted to the ARRL Field Day Coordinator is here: W6LHR Field Day-2019

Though not shown in the photos other ARG members provided support by loaning equipment, bring donuts and pizza and keeping the coffee pot perking.  They also provided the visitors’ tours and answered questions.  Public outreach was most satisfying.

Jim operated the forth station but I did not get a photo of him this year. However, my wife Ellen got a great shot of his portable station.

Jim's Radio

Jim’s Portable Station

The ARG has starting to make plans for the 2nd Annual Field Day in 2020, come and get involved.


Amateur Radio Parity Act Update

GOING HAM FOR HAM RADIO — Lawmakers are making a multi-pronged push to drive the bipartisan Amateur Radio Parity Act through Congress and finally bypass objections from top Senate Commerce Democrat Bill Nelson of Florida, whose allegiance to his state’s homeowners’ associations drove his panel to yank the bill from consideration last fall. The legislation, H.R. 555 , would direct the FCC to let amateur radio operators get around private rules, like those imposed by some HOAs, that keep them from putting up radio antennas. The measure cleared the House by voice vote in January 2017 and in the previous Congress.

— House appropriators tucked the amateur radio provisions into the fiscal 2019 Financial Services funding bill that cleared the subcommittee Thursday. It’s also now wrapped into the House’s national defense authorization bill, which passed the House by a wide margin that same morning. House sponsor Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) “is hopeful that Senator Nelson will see its value,” said his spokeswoman. “There are more than 750,000 licensed amateur radio operators in the country, including nearly 20,000 in Illinois and nearly 42,000 in Florida. … When disaster strikes and the power goes out, like when Hurricane Irma hit Sen. Nelson’s home state of Florida back in September, amateur radio operators become critical to emergency response efforts.”

— Senators appropriators haven’t signaled any decisions on whether to follow the House’s lead. “It would suit me,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), the radio bill’s Senate sponsor, told John. “I think we’ve done enough that Senator Nelson’s concerns should have been answered.” Wicker and Nelson are also both senior members of the Armed Services Committee, which oversees the NDAA. Nelson’s office didn’t comment this week but last year told POLITICO that homeowners’ associations fear the amateur radio bill is overly broad, confusing and liable to cause litigation over antenna installation.

Source:  POLITICO Morning Tech

LHARG Supported the Tour de Lincoln on 6 May 2017

On May 6th the LHAR Group supported the Tour de Lincoln, the historic bike tour to raise money for the Lincoln Volunteer Center.  Members joined the Western Placer County Amateur Radio Club to provide parking control, plus communications for rest stops and SAG Wagons, vehicles accompanying bicycle touring groups to provide emergency assistance for breakdowns, crashes and those too tired to complete the tour.